Introducing for the first time ever, a completely organic and natural growing medium for your garden. The "bio-pot" is a multipurpose growing media that eliminates use of plastic during your plant rearing process. These bio-pots are a cost effective, organic and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic grow bags.

The bio-pots can be used to grow a wide variety of crops such as: vegetables, coriander, spinach, methi, flowers and soft fruits. Nurseries and greenhouses use them for rearing tree saplings. Bio-pots are also being tested for their applicability in hydroponic cultivation.

The bio-pots are unique because they naturally become a part of the growing system along-with supporting the plant. They provide added advantage of retaining moisture for an extended period of time, leading to savings in water usage during the crucial phases of plant growth.


Each unit of the bio-pot delivered to you consists of:

  • One portion of natural and organic coconut husk, carefully designed and transformed into a grow bag.
  • One portion of natural organic media (mixture of soil and coir pith in 1:1 proportion), provided separately in a paper cover and placed within the coconut husk.
  • Semi-finished coconut shell to be used as a stand / support for the placement of bio-pot.

How to use it?

  1. Open the outer package and identify the three distinct components of the bio-pot as described in the above section.
  2. Place the coconut shell on the ground, or at the place where you want to position the bio-pot. Rest the coconut husk on the shell.
  3. Break open the paper cover when you are ready to plant your seed/sapling in the bio-pot. Use the contents of the paper cover while planting your seeds or sapling in the bio-pot, water them as appropriate – and start enjoying your gardening experience!

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