About Gubbi Labs

Gubbi Labs is a private research collective with strong foundations in research and underpinnings of a social enterprise. The Labs was incorporated on 3rd February 2010 as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firm with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India [LLPIN: AAA-0691]. The Labs works on a host of domains ranging from sustainable ecosystems to livable settlements. The Labs is powered by a collective with interdisciplinary expertise and focus on research, development, and consultancy. The Labs has an extreme focus for taking theory to practice and vice-versa with expertise in geospatial science and technologies, field ecology, urban and regional planning, and transportation.

Gubbi Labs has four verticals: Research; Advisory, Projects, and Consulting; Courses; and Science Communication. At the core of Gubbi Labs lies the Research agenda that gets the highest priority. This is followed by Advisory, Projects and Consulting Services, and Courses, the other core activities of the Labs. Typically, Advisory, Projects, and Consulting activities are pursued that is in alignment to the Labs core agenda.

Advisory, Projects, and Consulting are also pursued as revenue streams that can sustain the Research undertaken by the Labs. Training is pursued in the form of short courses and workshops as a means to disseminate knowledge and experience gained through both Research and Practice.

The Labs pursues pure and applied research primarily in areas of Urban Systems (spanning from land-use land cover change, transportation, governance, parking, and non-motorized transport - policy and planning), Biodiversity, Conservation Biology, Geo-informatics and Remote Sensing. As an enterprise, Gubbi Labs is committed for sustainable development and empowerment of society through application of appropriate science, technology and management practices. The Labs is committed for enhancing the social capital and to work on enabling opportunities for overall societal empowerment and its development. The success of Labs efforts, besides financial metrics, is measured by societal impact – the overall reach to number of people it has impacted, direct and indirect, through its combined efforts in research, projects and consulting.


Sustainable ecosystems and liveable settlements.


Production and application of knowledge and knowledge based services to individuals, institutions and governments impacting lives of people and societies in meaningful and effective ways, producing larger socio-economic benefits, ensuring sustainability and environmental conservation.


Freedom of Thought and Expression, Collaboration and Innovation.


To pursue the mission through a combination of research, publications, training, consulting and advisory services.

About the Logo

The logo depicts a male House Sparrow. The word 'Gubbi' is inspired from the name of a town, Gubbi in Tumkur district of Karnataka. The place got its name after House Sparrows, Passer domesticus following a historical event involving the Sparrows. House Sparrows are typically distributed in and around human settlements and thus epitomize the human-environmental interactions.