Mandookavani 1.0

Mandookavani (Sanskrit: Mandooka - Frog, Vani - Speech) is an acoustic guide to the frogs and toads of the Western Ghats. Frogs and toads (together called anurans) have evolved to communicate vocally. Anurans produced sound by vibrating vocal chords as air is pushed over them through lungs. The sound thus produced gets amplified in a balloon like vocal sac. Each species has a unique calling pattern and hence can be used as an identification key in the field.

Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians of Western Ghats and Beyond

Amphibian population decline across the globe at an alarming rate has enthused researchers to probe for the cause. Habitat alteration including fragmentation, degradation, modification and rapid urbanization are considered to be key factors in such declines. In addition, fungal diseases, use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also negatively influencing the amphibian population. It is still not clear how these causalities work, individually, collectively or synergistically?

Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats by Dr. K. V. Gururaja Released.

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The first book published by Gubbi Labs and authored by Dr. K. V. Gururaja titled Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of Western Ghats was released on 28th April 2012 at Gubbi.