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An Illustrated Guide to Common Diatoms of Peninsular India


The book, "An Illustrated Guide to Common Diatoms of Peninsular India" is a first of its kind in India, which illustrates most common diatom species of Peninsular India. This has been authored by Dr. Karthick Bala, Prof. Paul Hamilton and Prof. Pat Kociolek. The guide has been compiled for those who wish to begin a study of the diatom flora of Peninsular India. This book covers characteristics description of 182 taxa belonging to 50 genera with photographically illustrated (Light Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy images) along with notes on species habitation and ecology. An introduction to diatoms and its taxonomy along with protocols for collection and enumeration of diatoms has been provided in detail to make the diatom study easy. This book serves as an introduction to the common species found in fresh and brackish inland waters. This publication will serve to inspire interest in diatom taxonomy and ecology among young students and researchers.