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Anurans (frogs and toads) are the first four legged animals to have set foot on land and evolved to communicate vocally. They are able to emit sounds by vibrating vocal chords by pushing air over them and using their vocal sac for amplification. Male frogs advertise their presence to females using these vocalizations or calls. This system is so advanced that each species has its own unique vocalization pattern. We too can use the calls to tell them apart. There are, in the Western Ghats, over 217 species of amphibians, of which 192 are anurans. A curated database of anuran vocalizations would be a valuable addition to our knowledge and understanding of them. Mandookavani is one such attempt to cur ate and bring you the diversity and vocal repertoire of anurans in our Western Ghats. This database, apart from serving as an auditory treat, is also intended serve as an acoustic field guide. This first version presents calls of 70 species of anurans and is brought to you by Gubbi Labs LLP.