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Tumkur City Transport Service by KSRTC

Tumkur city is located at about 70 km northwest of Bangalore, which makes it the largest city closest to Bangalore. The city had a population of 248,592 during the 2001 Census. Owing to its proximity to Bangalore, the city is witnessing significant growth and development. The Government of Karnataka has even issued a notification recently (August 2010) for upgrading the Tumkur City Municipal Council to a City Corporation.

Liberating Gubbi Geo-spatially

What happens when an OSM evangelist, an amateur photographer and a mapping enthusiast get together? With an urge to map and put out locally relevant spatial data available to the any-many seekers, Gubbi Labs has begun to map Gubbi. Thats why we say Gubbi Labs is all set to Liberate Gubbi "geo-spatially"!

Check out the current status of Gubbi on OSM below:

Bicycle for the Physically Challenged

We had conducted a bicycle race for the disabled as part of the Mysore Dasara Festival. We had shortage of bicycles and the participants were unwilling to share the cycles. Finally it was decided that losers will get the consolation prize.

We came across the issue of bicycle design here:

These are some of the issues that physically challenged cyclists have:


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