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Participants of PRiMER after the course! What a way to wrap it up for the coming year! Thank you to all the particpants.

Cities are complex systems. Building on the 'science of cities' our research works on planning for evolution of cities.

Biodiversity estimations have been typically carried out mostly in protected areas. However, there remains an un-estimated diversity outside forests or the non-protected areas which are mostly not sampled and estimated scientifically. Here, our research attempts to study the biodiversity in the non-protected areas.

Upcoming courses

We offer short-courses on Mapping, Research, Statistics, Cities, Ecology, R-software and on Agent-based Modeling.
Applications/Registrations for the following courses are open!

PRiMER: Primer in Methods and Ecological Research is taking place during May 21 - May 26, 2018.
Potential participants are encouraged to go through the course descriptions and apply!

New book!

Magical Mantids by 13-year old Ananda Shikhara Bhat is available on The book was released by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar at IISc on 19th June 2014.


Gubbi Labs is happy to call for applications to the following positions based out of our Bangalore office.

* Job descriptions are posted on Hasjob. Interested candidates are encouraged to go through and apply.

Whats up?

Check out our Android app, Frog Find to identify Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats on Google Play! FROG FIND

TCS is a successful transport cooperative. Yes, TCS of Koppa.

Last week, two members of Gubbi Labs team had to camp in Lakkavalli. After about two days of work there, the team went to Jayapura via Koppa. En route, we noticed the "SAHAKARA SAARIGE" buses with pale yellow-green colour.

Gubbi Labs has a Logo!

Gubbi Labs is happy to sport its logo! Check it out here:

Gubbi Labs Logo

The design of logo was entrusted to Mr. Anas K. A. He has indeed posted a blog post on the evolution of logo design. Go ahead and read it here.

Gubbi Labs is a private research collective with strong foundations in research and underpinnings of a social enterprise. The Labs was incorporated on 3rd February 2010 as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firm with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India [LLPIN: AAA-0691]. The Labs works on a host of domains ranging from sustainable ecosystems to livable settlements. The Labs is powered by a collective with interdisciplinary expertise and focus on research, development and consultancy. The Labs has an extreme focus for taking theory to practice and vice-versa with expertise in geospatial science and technologies, field ecology, urban and regional planning, and transportation.


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