Research pursued at Gubbi Labs is best depicted by this Tagul below.

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Geo-informatics and Satellite Remote Sensing

In the recent years, the advances in geographic information sciences (GISc) and the availability of satellite remote sensing data has enabled the scientific community to use these for a variety of studies concerning development and even aiding at times of d isaster. The tools of GIS and satellite remote sensing data are very useful in mapping natural resources and urban growth, while characterizing and monitoring land-use and land cover change.

Leveraging the potentials, Gubbi Labs has worked on the following projects:

Gubbi Labs' Eco-station!

An Eco-station is being established by Gubbi Labs as a facility for long-term ecological research and also as a site for design, development and demonstrating a variety of initiatives on sustainable ecosystems to livable settlements.

Biodiversity Outside Forests

Biodiversity estimations have been typically carried out mostly in protected areas for a long time now. However, there remains an un-estimated diversity outside forests or the non-protected areas which are mostly not sampled and estimated scientifically. The objective of the research is to initially estimate the biodiversity in the non-protected areas of south-central Deccan Plateau between the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. The estimations would involve assessment of ants, amphibians, birds, butterflies, fish, flora, and mammals.


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