Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats by Dr. K. V. Gururaja Released.

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The first book published by Gubbi Labs and authored by Dr. K. V. Gururaja titled Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of Western Ghats was released on 28th April 2012 at Gubbi. The book was released by two school children, Shobita and Abraz, who are regular visitors to the Multi-Dimensional Learning Space (MDLS) at Gubbi run by India Literacy Project with Sri H. K. Satyanarayana from Gubbi as Chief Guest and Dr. Aravind Madhyastha, Fellow at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) as invited guest. The book release coincided with the Save the Frog Day observed world-wide on fourth Saturday of April every year. This was followed by an interactive talk by Dr. K. V. Gururaja in Kannada on Vanishing Frogs-Ways to save them that was attended by over 50 school children and a few guests. Dr. K. V. Gururaja and Gubbi Labs thank ATREE, Bangalore for funding this book. The book is first of its kind for the Western Ghats amphibians with photographs, pictograms, distribution maps and minimal text. It covers 73 species of frogs and toads of the 156 species recorded from the Western Ghats. The book will be made available online through this website shortly. Please use the Contact form for ordering the book and getting in touch with us, if you need any additional information. Some more photographs of the event can be viewed here.