Projects of Gubbi Labs

Crop Area Estimation using Remote Sensing

The Labs is working with a certain client to develop algorithms and methods for estimating the growth and areal extent for a particular variety of crop. The target area covers almost 50 districts spanning about 8 states. The Labs has already developed expertise in rectifying the SLC-off Landsat ETM+ satellite data products. Alongside, the utility of Modis data are also being investigated.

Creation of Geospatial Database for a Protected Area

Gubbi Labs completed its first consulting assignment that involved the creation of geospatial database for a protected area. It was undertaken in two stages. In the first stage, the base layers were created by obtaining data from standard sources. In the second stage, thematic layers depicting the different jurisdictions within the protected area, terrain, major transportation networks, major human settlements, key landmarks and land cover were generated.

Mixed Media for Community Development

Gubbi Labs is exploring the utility and application of Information and Communication Technologies through Mixed Media for fostering community development. One such initiative is Radio Gubbi, a community radio station to be set up at Gubbi pending regulatory approvals. An online version is available here.