Geo-informatics and Satellite Remote Sensing

In the recent years, the advances in geographic information sciences (GISc) and the availability of satellite remote sensing data has enabled the scientific community to use these for a variety of studies concerning development and even aiding at times of d isaster. The tools of GIS and satellite remote sensing data are very useful in mapping natural resources and urban growth, while characterizing and monitoring land-use and land cover change.

Leveraging the potentials, Gubbi Labs has worked on the following projects:

  • Geospatial database for a protected area
  • Crop Area Estimation using Remote Sensing
  • Land-use Land Cover Change Analysis for Urban Areas
  • Geovisualization of Public Health System Data
  • Assessment of biomass potential for power generation and evaluating optimal sites for location of decentralized biomass powered plants within Gubbi taluk
  • Web-GIS app to visualize GPX tracks
  • Spatial Planning Support Systems for Towns and Cities